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Definition of translation
expression of the meaning of a word in another language.

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English Spanish Translations
Professional translation services for business and personal communication.
AE <-> BE dictionary
Carsten Kuckuk indicated this American English <-> British English dictionary.
Manon Bergeron's Index of Financial Glossaries
A comprehensive list of financial and business glossaries classified alphabetically by subject matter. The same site also contains an "instruction manual" for searching the Web.
Dictionaries on the Internet
Indicated by Miguel Gonzalez. A huge list of on-line dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias. Somewhat tilted toward Spanish-language and Islam-related sites.
Dominik Kreuzer's Translation Terms Glosssary
The Glossary of terms related to translation and interpretation is but one feature of this well-designed and content-rich site.
English <-> Spanish Business Glossary
Andy D. Miles' searchable English-Spanish and Spanish-English business glossary.

Eurodicautom On-line Dictionary
Terminology database of the European Communities. Excellent on-line dictionary for the languages of Europe.
Glossary Posts Mailing List
Mailing list for posting on-line glossaries found by members. The Web site features instructions on how to join and a message archieve that's a treasure trove of glossaries in different fields.
Tanya Harvey's Web site
This site makes AltaVista and different other search engines find on-line glossaries and dictionaries for you by doing a Boolean search automatically. An original and well-designed site worth bookmarking.
Dominik Kreuzer's Translation Terms Glosssary
The Glossary of terms related to translation and interpretation is but one feature of this well-designed and content-rich site.
Roelof Oostra’s Home Page
A list of Dutch-German & German-Dutch dictionaries, as well as multilingual dicionaries, all containing both Dutch and German (among other languages).

4Lingo "Swiss Quality" Online Translation Services
Our mission is to provide accurate translations and exceed the costumers' expectation in terms of price and performance!
Brazilian Portuguese Translations
Portuguese translations - UK based.
A Idem, tradu§Јo - Translation Services
Translation, localization, subtitling and other language related services provided by highly qualified freelance translators in over 80 languages.
English to Spanish translation, large online glossary database
Ability Top Translations
International translation agency offering texts and website translation, software localization, globalization consultancy.
Professional English to Ukrainian translation
Professional English to Ukrainian translation. Free translation quotation. Free Ukrainian translation for up to 15 words.
eVerbum- Professional translation and interpreting
eVerbum offers specialized professional translation, interpreting, proofreading and subtitling services.
Full service language translation provider
All languages - all areas - affordable - bonus programme
ATR - Romanian Translators Association
ATR - Asociatia Traducatorilor din Romania
Cross Cultural Communication & Translation
Cross cultural communications and translation services.
Cross Cultural Communication & Translation
Cross cultural communications and translation services.
Pearl Linguistics Ltd
Translation services, interpreting services, transcription, proof-reading and voice-over services for any environment and industry.
Find out everything you need to know about the world's leading Translation Memory software and related products and services. Shop, compare and order
Translation and interpretation services.
Translation services made by english, spanish and portuguese native translators.
English to Spanish Translation
Professional English to Spanish Translation Services for the wide Hispanic audience. Rare combination of Premium Service + Affordability.
Life Assurance
Online quotes FREE!
English to Polish Translation and Interpreting
experienced and qualified Polish translator at your service!
Ability Top Translations
International translation agency offering website translation, texts translation, software localization, and globalization consultancy.
First Edition Translations
First Edition Translations has a strong team of translations and editorial co-ordinators who manage all aspects of the translation service
German-English Machine Translation
language learning software
Translation and software localization into/from all CEE languages. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Reference material for Translators & Interpreters
Specialized glossaries and dictionaries for Translators & Interpreters.
A freelance Japanese translator offering translation and typesetting services. Technical content no problem. Free quotations.
Idem, tradu§Јo - Translation Services
Translation, localization, subtitling and other language related services provided by highly qualified translators. Request a free estimate.
Tima Search
Farsi Translation and Search services, Farsi into English, English into Farsi, Farsi into French, French into Farsi translation services.
Text analysis
text analysis web tool
English to Arabic Machine Translation software
Russian Translation USA
Russian Translation Services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages.
Tima Search
translation between Farsi and English or French (various texts)
The Right Translation At The Right Price
Translation, editing, and proofreading of Technical and Business documents. Edited and proofread by two native professionals.
Lost in Babel
Resource center for translators and linguists with hundreds of links.
Translation Forum
Free translation forum
Machine Translation (Computer-based translation)
Publications on MT by John Hutchins, leading author in the field, particularly for historical resources
European Association for Machine Translation
Major source for information about machine translation
ALS Translation Services
oject and file types
Language translation services for all project and file types
Technoware.Net - Handy!Glossary
glossaries or pers
Database application to create, update and manage multiple glossaries or personal dictionaries; an ideal tool for writers, translators
Japanese-English Translation
by Tomoko Kawaguchi Translation Service specializing in the bed & breakfast, hotel, restaurant, caf©, retail fashion, art and music industries.
English Spanish translations
Professional translation services for business and personal communication. Russian Spanish Portuguese English languages are available.
English<>Turkish language services
English<>Turkish translation services
NETA: New England Tranlators Association
The New England Translators Association (NETA) is a professional organization of translators and interpreters with more than 250 members.
WWC Translation
We also offer
Russian - English 3 way call just $1.20 per min. Price includes call and translation! We also offer translation, proofreading and letter forwarding.
Language Translation
Translation to and from 140 languages
Asia Language Translation Service
Chinese, Vietnamese, English, others
London Speaks French
french translation, translators Native French
English to Portuguese Translations
English to Portuguese Translations by a small team of Professional Accredited Freelance Translators
Translation services from Nettranslation UK
Translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading services in various languages from Nettranslation UK